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Derek Ventura is a singer songwriter musician who has been in the business his whole adult life. Starting from the age of 17,  forming a  6 piece disco band called Touch, he found the attention of an executive who signed him and his group to the Brunswick Recording Label where he not only racked up 2 chart singles written by him from their debut album “Energizer”, but also became a top session drummer and singer for the labels roster of artists.


After that, he had a brief stint running a rehearsal studio for the stars on 57th street in Manhattan, N.Y. that many recording artists would use before going on tour.

As writing has always been his passion, he was led to Philadelphia to write, produce and record with several crafters of the “Philly” sound at Philadelphia International Records, working with such artist as, Teddy Pendergrass, The Delphonics, Ray Charles and many others.

"I have written over 200 songs over the years says Derek, most of them demos and am currently re-working many of them to bring to the public. In addition, I run and am the proprietor of a theater and lounge in Branson, Missouri called The Ruby Room where I produce and stage several shows in the Rhythm & Blues idiom.

As time has gone by without my putting music product out, with the current crisis the world is in today, I found myself having something to say about it. Thus this CD, Coronavirus Conversations. It was a labor of love writing, producing, arranging and playing every instrument on all of the tracks, not specifically for the money, but to have a recording for future generations to listen to to help them capture the full scope of the Pandemic of 2020".

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